November 29th, 2010

Lithograph Studio

A little while ago, I visited a famous lithograph studio when I went to Paris.
Lithograph is a print art technique using the character of water and oil.
It can express unique crayon’s texture and also deep colors, so basically it can print out illustrations as they are.
I visited the factory because a film creator David Lynch` s creation was displayed at that time and one of my friend, Akiko showed me there.

lithograph studio 1

A picture with David Lynch who is a film director and also an artist.
I had his image of his cult films but once I started talking with him, he was very friendly!
When he has time, he makes lithograph prints in the factory.
He was working on a black and white creation at that time.
His work was displayed at the gallery next to the factory.

lithograph studio

Amazingly big stone is used for the lithograph.
There aren’t many factories where the lithograph is made in this traditional way and many famous artists are using this place as an atelier from long time ago.

lithograph studio

A picture with Akiko.
It is a place used for over decades and I could feel the history.
There were old posters and I was very inspirated.
Maybe I’d like to try someday…?!