January 24th, 2011


I visited Finland, hoping to see the aurora for the end of the year holidays.
I couldn`t see the dramatic huge curtain in the sky as I had hoped, but saw a bit like some blue clouds floating. I hear it`s so difficult to see the aurora, maybe I`m lucky enough to be able to see that! Nothern Europe was SO cold, but as I love that place, it was a fun visit. All the sceneries that I saw was exactly what you see in the Moomin books!


I bought few down jackets for this trip, but for outdoor winter sports, they also lended me big down jacket. I was so puffy from all the down jackets when I rode the reindeer sleigh. The reindeer sleigh wasn’t so speedy, not so much fun… reindeers were so quiet and cute.
The dog sleigh was more speedy and much more fun! You need to control the 6 dogs to drive the sleigh, it was a bit difficult, but fun!
Thank you Finland for such a fabulous time!