February 7th, 2011

Vegetable Sushi restaurant, Potager

Kakizawa-san, known as the patissier for vegetable cakes, newly opened a vegetable sushi restaurant! Kakizawa-san has been shopping at my boutique for several years now, we`ve done few collaborations like the special cake for the 20th year anniversary party. I was invited to this newly opened sushi restaurant`s reception.

Vegetable Sushi Restaurant

Inside the restaurant is a very modern area, nothing like a normal “sushi bar”. Very high ceiling and comfortable. Staff`s uniform was nothing what you imagine from a sushi bar.

Vegetable Sushi Restaurant

First I had a vegetable terrine. The colorful vegetables were so beautiful!

Vegetable Sushi Restaurant

They all look like sushi, but none of them uses fish. What you see is all vegetables- carrot puree, mushrooms, tomatoes and onions. All the vegetables are cooked differently, and they all look like sushi!
It`s so healthy, when my vegitarian friend visits Japan, I`d like to take him there!

Vegetable Sushi RestaurantVegetable Sushi Restaurant