June 24th, 2011


I went to Singapore for the shop opening party.
Singapore Biennale was held and there were many art works everywhere.
It was very fun!
The most interesting art work I thought was the one using a shadow.
There were couple of art work displyed at a huge place where it used to be an airport.
People’s shadow reflects on the big white wall and as the distance changes, the size of the shadow changes. It is very simple but I thougth it was interesting.
Also as my body moves, the sound comes out together.


Many children’s drawings displayed in the large space.
The use of the color is very Singapore!


Other then that, there was an art work made by pieces of cardboards.
If there is a chance to get in touch with these kind of art work easily I think I could come up with good ideas and inspirations.


A picture with Singapore staffs. I think it’s difficult to sell clothes that are not for summer in tropical Singapore but I’m hoping there would be more Tsumori fans in Singapore!