December 28th, 2011


I went to Paris couple of days for shooting.
The city was very beautiful with the Christmas illuminations.
Champs-Elysees Avenue’s illuminations were changed to LED lights from this year and the Pyramids in Louvre Museum also.

After the shooting, I went to London and the illuminations were also very beautiful! I like this golden lights the best.

I worked with Elisa for the shooting in Paris.
Elisa is always in the fashion snap shots! Her fashion is very stylish!
I think many of you have seen her?

A picture with Elisa at her house.
Her house had a yellow wall and blue windows and was very cute.
I met her for the first time but she was very friendly and had a wonderful time together.
Thank you Elisa!!
Also her cat was so cute.

She styled my clothes for Bon Marché’s catalogue also.
I hope I can work together again!