May 30th, 2012

New York

I went to Sedona, Arizona and New York during the japanese Golden Week.
I visited the Brooklyn flea market, where I found vintage clothes, antiques, original artworks and also many places to eat.
In the picture, you can see Manhattan skyline in the back.

New York
New York

I had the chance to see the Bike Month NYC, which is held every May.
There were so many riders in the street and I was very surprised!

New York

It seems that cycling is booming in NY and Bike Month is an opportunity to celebrate the fun, convenience, and ease of cycling in NYC.
It is known as the biggest cycling event in the US.

New York

The third picture is the long hallway of The Cable Building on 611 Broadway.
This space is very strange and I felt I was dragged in.
I made some researches about the building and found out that it was used as a power plant for the city’s cable car system.

The weather in Tokyo is very weird so please take care of yourself!