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December 28th, 2011


I went to Paris couple of days for shooting.
The city was very beautiful with the Christmas illuminations.
Champs-Elysees Avenue’s illuminations were changed to LED lights from this year and the Pyramids in Louvre Museum also.

After the shooting, I went to London and the illuminations were also very beautiful! I like this golden lights the best.

I worked with Elisa for the shooting in Paris.
Elisa is always in the fashion snap shots! Her fashion is very stylish!
I think many of you have seen her?

A picture with Elisa at her house.
Her house had a yellow wall and blue windows and was very cute.
I met her for the first time but she was very friendly and had a wonderful time together.
Thank you Elisa!!
Also her cat was so cute.

She styled my clothes for Bon Marché’s catalogue also.
I hope I can work together again!

December 19th, 2011


One of my staff who was having maternity leave had a beautiful baby girl last month!
Baby girl’s name is Akari.

bébé mignon

She is so cute! She’s like an angle!!
Child raising is not easy but you can do it!!!
I’ll be looking forward to seeing you and Akari soon!

Another cute picture is this beautiful cat Mush!

chat mignon

Mush is the cat who is fed by the hair salon owner Hiroko.
Mush always comforts me.
Hiroko san, thank you always!!

December 8th, 2011

La prochaine collection…

It has been very cold lately all of a sudden.
Starting of a cold winter maybe.
I took these 2 pictures when I went to Roppongi.

Prochaine collection

Prochaine collection

The colors are very beautiful!!

Also I took this picture from my house!
I feel like as if I could reach one of the clouds.

Prochaine collection

Last week, I had a meeting for the next Paris collection with stylist John.
John, thank you very much!! Is New York cold now?
After the Spring/Summer collection, I have to get ready for the Autumn/Winter collection right away.
Time flies…
I hope the collection will be a success!!