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February 28th, 2012


2012 SPRING&SUMMER BRAND MOOK is now in stores!!
Fashion editor Elisa Nalin who was in one of my previous blog’s post is in this book, and so much more to discover!!


This is the picture I took with her at her cute house during the shooting.
Elisa, thank you again!

Mook Book Tsumori Chisato

New collections are shown and it’s a fun book to read so please check!!

February 11th, 2012


When I was spending my weekends at my house the other day, I saw this beautiful sunset from my living room.

Can you see Mt. Fuji?
City of Tokyo, Mt. Fuji, and the sunset is all beautiful!!

Another picture is taken at my atelier.
My Iphone’s wall paper is the Costa Rica print!
Underneath my Iphone is my Ipad.
I take these two things with me every where.
I wonder how many pictures I’ve taken so far.
Paris Collection is coming up in less than a month so I’m having busy days but I’ll do my best!!

February 1st, 2012

A big red balloon at Printemps

When I went shopping to Printemps while I was in Paris for the shoot, the café where I had a cup of tea was right under the beautiful and magnificent art nouveau stained glass dome.
I took a picture of a big red balloon.

Big red balloon at Printemps

I love the balance between the dome and the balloon, and the way the sun shines through the glasses is very beautiful!
The café table was like a mirror, that’s why my iphone is in the picture too!

Big red balloon at Printemps

I changed the angle a bit on the last picture so you can see: the upper ballon is the real one and the bottom one is the reflected one.

Big red balloon at Printemps

Spring is about to come but cold days seem to keep going.
Please take care of yourself!