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May 30th, 2013


I went to L.A. before NY and visited the largest art museum in the western United States called LACMA.
The two pictures below are the Urban Light installation and the Rubber Tubing installation.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles

This museum was so large and was a very fun place to visit.

I didn’t have enough time to see all the places but I really liked it.

Los Angeles

The last picture is the pancake I ate for breakfast. It was so tasty!!
It was a short trip but I fully enjoyed L.A.!!

May 25th, 2013

Kisan Cocktail Party

There was a TSUMORI CHISATO’s cocktail party held at Kisan in Soho, NY.

A big stuffed vulture toy was displayed beside the dress from my Spring/Summer collection and was very cute.
They matched the backdrop picture perfectly!!

Many customers came to the party and the store was crowded the whole time.
There aren’t many chances to talk with NY customers so I enjoyed meeting them a lot!!

The last picture is with Ashley from the store Honey In The Rough. She is the buyer and has been carrying TSUMORI CHISATO for such a long time!
I’m sorry that I couldn’t visit the store this time but next time I definitely will!!

Thank you so much for such a wonderful party!!!!

May 21st, 2013

New York

I went to NY the other day for some shootings and attended a cocktail party so it was a pretty busy trip but luckily, it was sunny the whole time!!!

There is a boutique called ”Kisan” in Soho and its owner, Olivier and Thorunn, invited me to a dinner at their house.

Tsumori Chisato New York 2013

Tsumori Chisato New York 2013

Their house was gorgeous!!! I enjoyed the dinner very much and had a wonderful time.
Thank you so much Olivier and Thorunn!!!!!!!

I had some time to walk around after the shooting and found a big painting of Popeye! I loved it so took a picture in front of it.

Tsumori Chisato New York 2013

More stories about NY next time!!