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July 11th, 2014


I’m in Paris now!!
It’s so cold and rainy everyday here…

I went to Le Bon Marché department store for shopping the other day and I ran into the French actress Audrey Tautou!
I was so lucky to see her again!!
Thank you always for shopping at my store!!
Hope to see you soon very soon.
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July 11th, 2014


「Sea Level」
On my way to the Dead Sea from Petra, there was a stone monument and a sign board to inform that it’s 0 meter below sea level.
I went lower and lower till the Dead Sea, the lowest place on Earth.
Tsumori Chisato Blog

「Colorful dolls」
I bought these colorful little dolls as souvenir from Jordan.
I love their colorful outfits.
Tsumori Chisato Blog

「Colorful kettels」
When I went to the market in Kuwait, I walked by this colorful shop filled with kettels.
Aren’t they cute??
Tsumori Chisato Blog

Tsumori Chisato Blog

I also enjoyed the spice market’s atmosphere.
Yummy almonds and pistachios!
Tsumori Chisato Blog

July 11th, 2014


「Dead Sea」
I wanted to go to the Dead Sea for such a long time and finally my dream came true!
Tsumori Chisato Blog
I did the Dead Sea mud pack! With natural minerals essentials to make my skin more healthy and cleansed!
I enjoyed it so much.
Tsumori Chisato Blog
Swimming in the sea where no one around was excellent!
Tsumori Chisato Blog
I was able to refresh myself throughout this trip!